The wake up call

With UK heading out of European Union, the century old system is being challenged, by the working classes who engineered the sanction vote. Brexit was more about Britain itself rather than Europe. A call to depart from current policies and make Britain, great again. By Keith Lambe, columnist of Capital

The Brexit vote was engineered by David Cameron to end Tory in party fighting and pressure more advantages from their EU membership. It backfired spectacularly on a cabinet of privileged multi-millionaires, ruling on behalf of a corrupt City square mile, bankers and corporations. They had no idea that an electorate sick of ‘austerity’ would deliver a knockout protest vote. The consequences are already messy. Cameron was in the process of destroying all opposition and consolidating one party rule. Now he has resigned completely from political life!

His successors have made no constructive statement of intent as to how to lead the country out of impending economic disaster. Campaigners for Brexit have been silently bankrupt of suggestions. The ‘Special Relationship’ with the USA suddenly does not look so cozy. The UK’s role as America’s pit bull at the EU, scrapping to make sure its master got preferential treatment is over. Without the UK menace, the TTIP trade agreement being forced through behind closed doors, to effectively make US corporations invincible and above national laws, has collapsed. The UK’s status as a backwater 51st US state awaits if they cannot replace trade volumes lost due to their EU departure.

British ‘expats’ ie: economic refugees, living abroad are now feeling the pinch. A strong pound sterling ranging from Rs 65 to Rs 53 over the past 15 years is now treading water at Rs 46. British tourists have seen their flights increase in price and holidays abroad get more expensive, so not so many Brit accents around the tourist bars or shopping bazaars, they will be looking for better deals closer to home. They will more likely opt for flight and hotel deals as opposed to the uncertain expense of apartments and self-catering. Is Brexit the final nail in the coffin of a once mighty empire? A new vote for breaking the union will surely come in Scotland as a small country who does not wish to give up EU membership will benefit greatly from continued infrastructure grants and support. Common EU membership created the ‘soft’ economic border between British influenced Northern Ireland and Eire the Irish Republic in the south. This is now in danger of becoming a ‘hard’ border again, with a return to political turmoil and sectarian violence. Four hundred thousand French citizens are working in the London area, the tip of the iceberg as far nationals living and working in the UK. What will happen to their visa rights when article 50 is invoked to trigger Brexit? An exodus of footballers? Will the Premier League return to the playing fields of England to find their future artists?

Britain was the cradle of the Industrial Revolution leading to worldwide social and economic evolution. Are they leading the world away from super state governance? Rule by unelected distant bureaucrats, unaccountable to electorates, puppets of the ‘few’ who control the global banking system and money supply. Have the British people voted to start a new revolution and where could it lead? Already mutiny against super state rule threatens in other EU countries. Democracy and capitalism are no longer working for the majority of citizens because the ruling classes have broken the system.

Can Brexit steer the UK away from a corrupt financial services bias towards a new manufacturing base for its economy? Great Britain is a world leader in research and development and a new industrial revolution of trading in sustainable and environmentally balanced energy resources would provide jobs at home and trade that the world so urgently needs.

The speculators and vultures of the City of London square mile have had their bubble burst. They can relocate to anywhere they will not have to pay their taxes, and their supporting cast of politicians and media can go too. The British people voted for a better future in a fairer society, perhaps the twenty first century has truly started?

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