Tweaking the St Louis Gate

As the main stream media is bent on perpetuating its bad habits of running after every bone thrown by spin doctors from the government, we need to be ever more aloof in our understanding of “facts” displayed as the St Louis gate unfolds.

In any investigation, the starting point remains pivotal in tilting towards the truth. Should the starting point be erroneous, there are clear chances of miscarriage of truth. The advisors leaking out board papers and other documents to their stooges camouflaged in newsrooms are acting solely with particular political motives and are themselves illiterate about the whole happenings of the scandal. By distilling misinterpretations, the main stream media is contributing to a definite departure from truth and ultimately justice.

One of the most blatant examples would be the constant  reference being made to the minutes of proceedings of board held on 31st  October 2019.  Here is what is being quoted.

Alleged case of corruption at the level of BWSC

The Ag General Manager briefed the Board on the case referred by BWSC and informed that the matter has been closed at their level following investigation

By the above the only inference made by the government and the media relates to the awareness raised at that particular Board meeting on the BWSC investigation. However let’s note that this particular minutes of proceedings has been approved and no errors nor omissions had been brought in the following Board meeting. Let’s now observe carefully the wordings used in the above minutes.

  1. The term “Alleged” is absolutely irrelevant since the first letter from BWSC in February 2019  does confirm a definite wrongdoing , to the extent of requiring sanctions at their end.
  2. The words “ the case referred by BWSC “ does convey prior cognizance and awareness of the issue by Board members.

Our investigation does confirm and we do stand by our statement  that the Board held in March 2019 was informed of the letter from BWSC. This very fact does weigh significantly on the understanding of what really happened in the St Louis Gate. The inaction of all members individually constitutes a criminal offence. Should they have conveyed  the information to their parent ministry / minister and condonement from their part is equally criminal.

In light of the above, the following questions do arise :

  • Did the member representing the ministry of finance inform the Financial Secretary ?
  • Did the Financial Secretary brief the then Minister of Finance on this urgent issue?
  • What were the instructions given from the Finance Minister?
  • By its constitution, one of the members of the Board is the General Manager of the Central Water Authority who in this case is Mr Yousouf Ismael. He has been heard under warning by the ICAC in an ongoing investigation relating to abuse of procedures in allocations of contracts. Yousouf Ismael has also been recently appointed as one of the Directors of Mauritius Investment Corporation (MIC), which is to manage the investment of MUR 80 billion and revamp our economy. Should he be part of the board members having harboured the truth, does his nomination at the MIC not pose a threat to our national interest?

The above questions are merely a preamble of a longer list which needs to be attended. The St Louis Gate is a  growing into a deep  Daedalus labyrinth. Forthcoming articles  will reveal to our readers the board room battles and proxy war which could cost them MUR 8 billion.


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