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Responding to a question about the timeline of the process, Mr. Rice reminded reporters that “This process is prerogative of the IMF Executive Board. I say that to distinguish from being a decision from IMF Management which is not. It’s a decision of the IMF Board, and it’s the Executive Board’s process, representing the membership. As in the past, we expect the process to be open, transparent, and merit-based.”

The Executive Board is expected to meet soon, and the IMF will communicate once it happens, including the timeline. In the meantime, Mr. David Lipton remains Acting Managing Director.


During the regular bi-weekly press briefing, Mr. Rice also discussed the recent Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


“I would like to start by expressing our sympathy to the people of the DRC for the lives lost as result of the Ebola epidemic,” he said.


For the question if the IMF is doing anything about the current Ebola crisis in the DRC, Mr. explained that the Fund is assessing the economic impact and staying close contact with the authorities in case for any financial support is required.


“Just as in the case of the last Ebola epidemic, we are monitoring, assessing the situation closely. Our staff are in contact with the authorities in the DRC. Although, the economic impact of the epidemic is not yet clear, we have ample scope within the Fund’s lending facilities to provide financial support if needed. We stand ready to take action.”


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