Fulin Low – European Digital SME Alliance

Fulin Low - European Digital SME Alliance

Communications Officer

Contact: f.low@digitalsme.eu

Since graduating from the National University of Singapore, Fulin has worked in different countries such as Singapore, Japan and France in the last ten years. She has thrived in different industries such as education and food manufacturing and has worked in both public and private sectors.

In January 2019, she moved to Brussels. Before joining DIGITAL SME, she worked in a non-profit association promoting media literacy for citizenship, managing both projects and communications.

Fulin speaks English and Chinese at a native level and is also proficient in French and Japanese. She is currently learning Dutch.

She looks forward to working with the international team at DIGITAL SME and supporting their network across Europe.

by : Fulin Low on 2021-01-24 22:15:08

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