ESMA registers European DataWarehouse GmbH and SecRep B.V. as Securitisation Repositories

The following entities are registered as SRs for the European Union:

  1. European DataWarehouse GmbH based in Germany; and
  2. SecRep B.V. based in the Netherlands.

 Anneli Tuominen, Interim Chair, said:

“The registration of the first securitisation repositories marks the final step in the implementation of the securitisation transparency regime. The securitisation repositories will now start receiving, verifying, and distributing standardised data and information to investors as well as to EU and national authorities.

“This data will improve the ability of investors to assess and compare the credit quality of securitisations and contribute to making securitisation safer and more attractive for investors.”

Reporting to Securitisation Repositories to start on 30 June 2021

The registered SRs can be used by reporting entities to fulfil their obligations under SECR. The SRs are required to provide direct and immediate access free of charge to investors and potential investors as well as to all the entities listed in Article 17(1) of SECR to enable them to fulfil their respective obligations.

As of 30 June, reporting entities must make their reports available through one of the registered SRs and are encouraged to immediately contact one of the registered SRs. ESMA strongly encourages all data users to report any data quality issues which they may identify to ESMA (click here for more information).


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by : European Securities and Markets Authority – Other bodies and agencies on 2021-06-25 11:24:27

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