Techcombank goes “Cloud First” with AWS to transform customer experience

SEPTEMBER 15, 2021  Vietnam Technological and Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Techcombank) announced that it has selected Amazon Web Services (AWS), an,, as its preferred cloud provider to enhance customer experience. Techcombank will harness the breadth and depth of AWS cloud services to support its vision to change banking, change livesand facilitate the rapid development of innovative new products and services that help Vietnamese individuals, businesses, and corporations grow. The multi-year collaboration will also focus on establishing a cloud skills program to provide the bank’s employees with access to the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud offering and promote an environment of rapid and continuous innovation. Using AWS, Techcombank gains the reliability and scalability to offer new digital financial services faster, while remaining highly secure and compliant.

Techcombank’s “change banking, change lives” vision requires the ability to launch new differentiated offerings quickly for Vietnamese consumers at speed and scale. To achieve its vision and to set itself apart from others in the market, Techcombank determined that cloud technology would be integral to its strategy and execution. Techcombank will migrate the majority of its applications from on-premises infrastructure to AWS, taking advantage of the cloud’s scalability, and build an integrated data platform to leverage the cloud’s data analytics capabilities. This platform will enable the bank to make decisions in real time, understand customers better, accelerate the innovation of new products and services, and enhance customer service and online experience.

As part of the collaboration between Techcombank and AWS, AWS will also support Techcombank with setting up and accelerating innovation and digital talent development programs. These new capabilities are intended to help the bank become more responsive to customer needs and bring solutions to the market faster, further differentiating Techcombank from other financial services players.

Techcombank is an early adopter and pioneer of new technologies, standards, and solutions (e.g., Basel II, IFRS9 Zero Fee). The bank is now working closely with AWS to showcase the benefits of cloud as the country’s financial services sector continues to mature, further promoting cloud adoption in the industry.

In executing its vision “change banking,change lives”, Techcombank will also invest in training initiatives to upskill employees and develop talent as the bank successfully migrates to AWS. To foster an environment of innovation while building a workforce for the future, Techcombank is leveraging AWS training programs including AWS Skills Guild, a comprehensive skills enablement program designed to build cloud fluency across the organization, for 700 employees. Self-paced digital training on cloud fundamentals will also be made available to all employees of the bank. AWS training offers live classes with instructors which will help upskill 2,000 participants over the next 24 months. Techcombank will offer foundational training like the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner course to non-technical staff, while technical training will be available for all technical staff working closer to the cloud migration. Technical training classes will range from intermediate to advanced topics including architecting, developing, machine learning, and security. This initiative by Techcombank will also see the formation of a Cloud Champion network, initially led by 25 employees known as Cloud Champions, who will facilitate study groups and offer peer-to-peer coaching to further provide employees with cloud skills to encourage innovation.

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