SME powered blockchain innovation comes to stage – DIGITAL SME Blockchain Summit 2021 (Event report)

SME powered blockchain innovation comes to stage - DIGITAL SME Blockchain Summit 2021 (Event report)

In the first panel, the speakers first discussed the issue of regulation.  “It is crucial to understand the true nature of decentralised networks and to adopt a principle-based-approach regulation”, said Almudena de la Mata, Director General at Blockchain Intelligence. We should not forget that we want to build this future in a sustainable and human-centred way and based on our European values. While Petko Karamotchev of INDUSTRIA agreed on the approach, he called on the EU to be proactive and vigilant vis-à-vis the competition from China in the blockchain sector. According to him and based on his role as the co-chair of the DIGITAL SME Task Force on Blockchain & DLT and himself an entrepreneur, Europe is lagging behind and European SMEs need more sandboxes and investment in innovation.

In this regard, Lukas Repa presented the European Commission’s approach in supporting blockchain innovation through global cooperation. One of the latest initiatives to foster blockchain adoption is the pan-European regulatory sandbox that will be attached to the European blockchain services infrastructure (EBSI). The Markets in Crypto-assets (MiCA) Regulation, remarked Mr. Repa, is at the forefront of legislation globally, as it provides more certainty to start-ups and SMEs in the use of ICOs (Initial Coin Offering). Further adding on this topic, Marc Taverner, Executive Director at INATBA, stated that the organisation is “very pleasantly surprised with the positive engagement from the European Commission and European Parliament in blockchain regulation and education”.

Mr. Taverner then addressed the topic of blockchain education, one of the most crucial issues being the lack of adequate competences in Europe. He stated that the blockchain concept of decentralisation is unique in the sense that it is based on open information and open systems. This should imply that knowledge and learning is open to all. However, the European blockchain industry did not reach that point yet. Chiara Ventura from Italia4Blockchain agreed on the importance of education, introducing the CHAISE project targeting blockchain skills. She added that none of the blockchain trends and opportunities are going to be fully leveraged if there is no mindset shift in European SMEs. The role of associations is thus to guide SMEs towards this disruptive mindset.

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