Citibank partners Yahoo to enhance public literacy on personal finance

Citibank partners Yahoo to enhance public literacy on personal finance

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Singapore, 13 September 2022: Yahoo and Citibank have teamed up to launch Life and Money, a dedicated personal finance hub geared towards diverse audiences, providing fresh perspectives on money and equipping them for their financial journey across different life stages. Hosted on Yahoo Finance in Singapore – the #1 source for business and finance news in the countryLife and Money will see Citibank share expert insights and tips on personal finance with readers.

While financial literacy in Singapore is the highest in Southeast Asia, rapid changes in the financial landscape, technological advances, as well as changing lifestyle habits and life expectancy continue to fuel growing interest in personal finance as they build their aspirations. While there is no shortage of information available online, Singaporeans are increasingly discerning with their finances and looking for sources and content they can trust.   

Seeking to empower readers as they manage their finances and think about their future, Life and Money will feature a specially curated selection of original content contributed by and jointly with Citibank, as well as relevant aggregated content from Yahoo Finance. With insightful explainers accessible in various multimedia formats such as articles, videos, and podcasts, the hub will cover a wide range of topics around personal finance and lifestyle. These include saving, investing, advancing careers, achieving work-life balance, sustainable living, parenting, and other personal finance and lifestyle interests. 

With a focus on enabling readers to live richly – financially, physically, and emotionally – the content will address misconceptions, inspire new lifestyle habits, and provide actionable recommendations for readers of different life stages. Among them are first jobbers seeking financial independence, starter families purchasing their dream homes, mid-career professionals progressing through milestones, and seasoned achievers planning their ideal retirement.  

“As a leading source for finance news, Yahoo is focused on providing news and information that will help give our readers the confidence to make smart financial decisions. We are thrilled to partner with Citibank and build empowering content on personal finance, and help drive meaningful connections with audiences seeking rich insights that will help them achieve financial empowerment and lead their desired lifestyles,” said Carol Tay, Senior Director Sales Southeast Asia, Yahoo.

“Our partnership will give readers the opportunity to access Citibank’s latest personal finance insights and tips, as well as better serve our clients with an additional source of trusted finance-related content. We hope to provide a fresh and reliable financial perspective to those navigating life’s milestones, leveraging Yahoo’s strong editorial expertise and sizeable organic database,” said Mylene Ong, Head of Digital Sales and Marketing, Citibank Singapore.


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