Denodo helps KakaoBank modernise its data analytics platform

Denodo helps KakaoBank modernise its data analytics platform

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Denodo, a global leader in data management has provided KakaoBank with the Denodo platform, a logical data integration and management solution to support data analysis and utilisation.

Together with its local partner, Planit Partners, Denodo provided KakaoBank in South Korea with the Denodo platform, powered by data virtualisation, provides all the features needed to build a data fabric, including real-time integration, management and distribution of data. With data virtualisation, which logically integrates disparate data repositories, the Denodo platform not only meets the latest requirements for data analysis, including providing the latest data, but also enables a centralised environment for establishing fine-grained and robust data security and data governance capabilities.

Myounsun Namkung, country manager of Denodo Korea said: “I am very pleased that Denodo has become a partner, with Planit Partners, in KakaoBank’s journey to become a data-driven company that provides innovative financial services based on its excellent IT technology capabilities.” “As a global leader in data management, Denodo has helped companies in a wide variety of industries, including finance, achieve their business goals and gain competitive advantage based on optimal data management strategies, and we will continue to actively introduce Denodo’s differentiated technology and global capabilities to Korean enterprise customers.”

The logical integration of diverse data sources improves the efficiency of the entire data management process by enabling quick data discovery, streamlined data operations, and unified management of access authorities. In addition, the Denodo platform’s data catalogue analyses query history to recommend customised data and notify users of frequently sought data. The data catalogue improves the efficiency of the entire data process by enabling easy access to data.

“We expect to be able to analyse data more efficiently through the data virtualisation technology of the Denodo platform,” said one stakeholder in the Modern Data Platform team at KakaoBank.

Robin Fong, regional vice-president and general manager of Denodo ASEAN and Korea said: “Many organisations in Korea and the ASEAN region have spent the last few years building a lot of data repositories but they are challenged in refining their data strategies to be more integrative. At Denodo, we want to help customers manage and deliver their data by aggregating it into a single source of truth. The Denodo platform allows efficient and seamless real-time collaboration across diverse data platforms, ensuring data security and governance. This then enables our customers to focus on what truly matters – unlocking new drivers of business value.”

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