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In the wake of the Federal Reserve’s aggressive rate hikes, Forbright Bank is now offering the highest certificate of deposit (CD) yield among its competitors. Savvy savers are turning their attention to Forbright Bank’s nine-month CD, featuring a 5.75% annual percentage yield (APY) with a minimum deposit of $1,000. This rate outshines Popular Direct’s one-year CD, which follows closely at 5.67% APY but requires a higher deposit of $10,000.

The competitive landscape for CDs has heated up as these savings instruments provide fixed-rate returns, typically over one to three years, with APYs soaring above 5%. This performance significantly surpasses the national averages, reflecting the broader monetary policy environment shaped by the Federal Reserve’s eleven rate increases since spring 2022.

Online banks and credit unions are at the forefront of offering better rates, with institutions like Synchrony Bank and Alliant Credit Union leveraging their lower overhead costs or member-centric profit-sharing policies to benefit depositors. For instance, Bank5 Connect’s six-month CD is an attractive choice for those seeking shorter-term investments, offering a 5.5% APY with a modest $500 minimum deposit.

Despite the Fed’s monetary tightening measures aimed at curbing inflation, major traditional banks have been more conservative, maintaining lower interest rates compared to their online counterparts, which have actively increased rates to attract deposits.

CDs are investment vehicles that lock funds at fixed rates for set periods, ranging from three months to five years. They are particularly well-suited for investors who can tolerate the lack of liquidity, considering potential penalties for early withdrawal. Both bank CDs and credit union share certificates offer the security of federal insurance up to $250,000 by the FDIC and NCUA, respectively.

The data from Bankrate, which includes weekly surveys of over 500 financial entities, encompasses a mix of high-yield online platforms and large brick-and-mortar banks, providing a comprehensive view of the national average CD rates.

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