KakaoBank embraces customer-centric banking for international growth- The Asian Banker

KakaoBank embraces customer-centric banking for international growth- The Asian Banker

Daniel Yun, CEO of KakaoBank, discussed the bank’s growth as it acquired the first million users in just five days of operations, driven by a commitment to addressing customer needs and aspirations to lead the retail banking sector in the markets it operates in

In the rapidly evolving world of digital and retail banking, South Korea’s KakaoBank stands out for its innovative and customer-centric products and services. Its CEO, Daniel Yun has led the bank to not only weather the challenges in the financial sector but also make it flourish in 2023.

Kakaobank, established in 2016 was one of the first digital-only banks in South Korea, has made significant strides in redefining retail banking. Yun’s tenure has been marked by a relentless focus on solving customer problems and adding value to users’ traffic and transaction. This approach has translated into tangible results, both in terms of user engagement and financial performance.

Reflecting on the bank’s achievements, Yun stated, “Our focus has always been on understanding and addressing the unique needs of our customers. This is what drives our success and sets us apart in the competitive landscape of digital banking.”

One of the key highlights of KakaoBank’s operations in 2023 was its financial performance. The bank recorded a 21.9% year-on-year growth in operating profit in the third quarter of 2023, a testament to its efficient business model and customer-focused strategies. “The substantial increase in our operating profit is a clear indicator of our efficient business model and our unwavering commitment to our customers,” Yun explained.

Yun emphasised the importance of understanding and addressing customer needs, which he believes is central to the bank’s success. He attributed this success to the bank’s innovative offerings, such as the “fandom” or journal-based savings product, which connects users’ financial activities with their personal interests, creating a unique baning experience.

Yun also spoke about KakaoBank’s expansion into Southeast Asia, marking a significant step in its ambition to become a leading financial service provider in the region. The bank’s acquisition of a 10% stake and partnership with Superbank in Indonesia is a strategic move to tap into the vast potential of the Southeast Asian market. “This venture is not just about business growth but also aligns with Kakaobank’s mission to serve the financial needs of underbanked communities,” he emphasised.

As KakaoBank looks to the future, Yun’s vision for the bank is clear – to be the best retail bank in the markets it operates in. “Our ambition is to be the best, not just in financial metrics but in our commitment to our customers,” he remarked. By focusing on solving real-world problems and continuously innovating, Yun believes KakaoBank is well on its way to achieving this goal.

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