Former minister on spending spree

He owes his political career to his laptop, a software and idiocy of his party members. Back in 1991, he impressed his leader with a few colourful slides indicating a definite loss at the elections. This was enough for him to secure a seat in the following elections (1995) . The split in the alliance paved way for his entry into the cabinet and history holds no record of any achievement, which obviously led to a bitter defeat in 2000. Back to power in 2005, he was nominated at the head of a 5 star government institution, which he ran for 9 years. He, who had been loitering around during the period 2000- 2005 with a begging bowl, went on to accumulate wealth estimated at around MUR 350 m. He had acquired a few Villas in some of the most prestigious properties on the island before going underground for a while.

He is certainly one of the few untouchables and also the mastermind behind one of the country’s still “officially” unsolved mysteries, wherein millions of euros were found in the luggage of a driver loitering in Switzerland. Obviously MRA ignores his whereabouts.

Lately, he has been investing millions in the Leisure & Entertainment sector. The bloke is on a spending spree and maybe he will make his comeback in politics with countrymen sitting idly like pins waiting to be bowled.

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