Attending a function at Quartier Militaire on 13th August 2017, Pravind Jugnauth stated that the drug mafia was being helped by some people within the media. After much bragging, Pravind Jugnauth never did provide the Drug Commission with any submissions. Nor did the Lam Shang Leen Commission deem it important to seek further information following his multiple statements on close links between the drug lords and the media.

For once Pravind Jugnauth got it right and yet again he ended shooting himself in the foot. All the shady media persons, currently form part of the government’s propaganda brigade. Some are ambushed in newsrooms funded exclusively by government and other public institutions. Had retired judge Lam Shang Leen bothered to look into the networks of these media persons, he would have opened a spine chilling Pandora’s box. Had Pravind Jugnauth ordered his National Security Service to direct their state of the art Israeli phone tapping system onto people loitering regularly within the corridors of the PMO, he might have discovered how some of his mam’s ‘really got talent’. Particularly a few of them who work for the ‘ Horse racing mob’ and the ‘ Real estate mob’, both closely knit with the drug mafia.
We can only wish, Pravind Jugnauth is ( as he often claims) naïve and really unaware of the doings of the ‘Inside men’ around him. Then again, he who is so fond of suing everybody at the slightest shadow of libel, is astonishingly silent when Harish Boodhoo, the one who led SAJ to power keeps saying ‘ Les Jugnauth devraient être les derniers à venir parler de la drogue’.

Throwing stones has been one of Pravind Jugnauth’s favorite sport and he would have been a legend, had he not been living in a glass bowl.

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