The bunch of self-proclaimed “strategists” ambushed at the PMO, are trying hard to impress with unimaginable stunts. Back in 2017 in “ Operation Broom” Pravind was seen trying to emulate Narendra Modi’s “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan “– the Clean India Mission. After a few videos & selfies along with his family members, he was never seen again handling a broom. Months later his walk alongside a pack of advisers to Grand Bassin was showcased as being even more prominent than the festival itself.

Since 2015, despite all the spin, pro MSM media outlets funded by government &parastatal bodies sprouting all over the place, have been unable to promote the interest of the government. The “strategists” are now plotting a “surprise” participation of Pravind in one of the famous shows of a private radio. The show usually facilitates interaction between the aggrieved citizens and public institutions / private companies . Pravind is expected to answer live to all questions set by callers. An excellent initiative and effective public relations promoting an image of daring, young and bold Prime Minister.

But, why Pravind who has within span of 2 years, established an unprecedented record of being “ The most unaware Prime Minister” and “The most evasive MP at the parliament” would want to take questions, live on radio? Strange indeed.
Well not if, the show is rigged with callers & questions predefined. Even more interesting if the anchor of the show features on the confirmed list of MSM candidates to contest next legislative assembly elections from constituency No 1 ( Grand River North West and Port Louis West).

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