The stage was set to what was to be the most important hearing of the Britam Commission. That of the man himself who had fathered the company and knew exactly how much it was worth. The secretary of the commission had even participated in a rehearsal on Monday along with Dawood Rawat at the other end as to ensure smooth running of the hearing, scheduled for today at 3 pm.

Was the postponement a surprise? Certainly not. As per information gathered by Capital, one of the panelist was seriously disturbed by acceptance of former justice Domah to allow Dawood Rawat to make his submissions. Whereas the communique issued today afternoon claims that the main reason for postponement lies in absence of bullet points, it was known to many, as from yesterday, that the exercise would be called off. The elementary question the mind of any common man would prompt is ; “ Did any other person making submissions was asked to provide bullet points beforehand ?”

As for the “ legal issues “ the commission purports it has to look into , weren’t these meant to have been considered prior to acceptance of Dawood Rawat’s submission? It would be interesting to know who could possibly advise a seasoned person like Domah on these “legal issues”.

Former Justice Domah belongs to the select few who rightly enjoys the trust of the population. He has during his career stood out from the crowd with quite a few landmark observations packed with integrity and above all, common sense. Some of his former colleagues do find it strange, how he is able to bear the presence Satar Hajee Abdullah along his side at the commission, given the latter’s involvement in the whole affair.

According a former director of Britam. “The hype around the submission of Dawood Rawat has certainly scared a few who have a lot to hide”. It is believed the submission of Dawood Rawat would have provided a new direction to the commission and involved parties who have been unscathed till now. The submission of the Chairman Emeritus of BAI might have provided a better understanding of what had been the involvement of the likes of Peter Munga, Financial Secretary Dev Manraj, Super Consultant Afsar Ebrahim, Experts of PWC and Roshi Badhain.

Members of opposition at the national assembly are showing interest in the Britam Comission, the truth about the real reasons for postponement is a matter of concern and might feature in forthcoming sessions. With a growing number of people believing truth is being hushed and former Justice Domah has been coerced, it is clear something is rotten in the commission.

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