Monday, January 14, 2019

With all the hype spun by the propaganda machine of the current fascist government and the absolute stupidity of the thugs running the mainstream media, instead of acting as a bum, how about using your cerebrum ?

If your brain has grown lazy and solely relies on the media for information or opinion, how about finding for yourself how far you are from the truth?

Here are a few leads which will dust off the rust from your lazy brain.

1. When was free education introduced ?
2. Did it not include tertiary education?
3. When were the fees & other charges introduced ?
4. Who was leading the government when these fees / charges were introduced?
5. Who was the Financial secretary when the fees/ charges were introduced?
6. Who is the Financial secretary who has found the magic formula of exempting students from Fees / charges ?
7. How come this very government with the same minister who were strongly reluctant on the issue of SC / HSC exam fees, now boast about introducing free tertiary education?
8. Will tertiary education really come at no cost ?