The King of Good Times

Omens appearing over last days indicate,  trauma for hundreds of employees at Air Mauritius might glide through a temporary peaceful patch.  Though as per rules, the Administrators are the only authorised persons to decide and interact with parties, meetings between Sherry Singh and  various stakeholders have taken place over the week whereby unofficial agreements engaging the government have been reached. Some of the participants at the meetings, are  stunned by the conflicting signals  originating from the  government. Without undermining the political authority vested upon Sherry Singh by the prime minister, they fail to understand how he can amidst the turmoil, pop up like a bunny out of a hat and promise what even the administrators can’t.

Sources within Air Mauritius purport the decision to push the company into administration was precisely by Sherry Singh,  Chairperson of the Transformation Steering Committee appointed on 16 January 2020. The perfect casting of Sattar Hajee Abdoulah as the bogeyman and the billions to be poured in by the government will offer a new turf for Sherry Singh to play. Observers  believe, as  in the case of Mauritius Telecom, it is an obvious move to silence critics, since the man taunted as the cook always ends up pulling it off  by rook.

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