The Convenient Lie

The ongoing Judicial Inquiry into the death of MSM agent Soopramanien Kistnen may well take a different twist, should the submissions made by the representatives of the Police force prove to be false and meant to lure the court away from truth.

In their statements made under oath, both constable Abheeram and superintendent Dawon have maintained that the data of Safe City were stored on servers for a duration of 30 days. An extremely bizarre description, given two of the main features boasted by Chinese giant Huawei are precisely the tracking capabilities of its cameras and the capacity of its state of the art storage system.

Findings by our team leads us to believe, the representatives of the police have deliberately acted in deceitful manner by misleading the court. The current Safe City set up, has 3 layers of storage. Namely at the 2 branch surveillance centers which provide short-term storage and of partial camera-recorded data while the storage system at the general surveillance center provides long term storage and archiving of all camera-recorded data. The Huawei storage system has a capacity of 40 petabyte (PB) which in simple terms means – a storage capacity of many years.

Will magistrate Vidya Mungroo-Jugurnath stand out further by charging the police officers for contempt? Will Huawei officials be summoned to provide technical specifications? Why is there so much effort to divert attention away from the Safe City project ? One thing for sure, the climax is yet to come.

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